Credit Cards

These moves can tank your credit score


Credit card rewards can be tempting. They can also be costly.

Nearly 70% of people with credit card debt are trying to pick up cash back and other perks from their cards, even though they’re carrying a balance that’s costing them interest, according to a new survey by

“This is a bad idea — if you carry credit card debt from month to month, you need to forget about rewards and prioritize your interest rate,” said Ted Rossman, credit card analyst at

People who carry a balance on their cards — which is about 60% of holders, according to the American Bankers Association — should stick to the sidelines of the rewards game, Rossman said

“The math just doesn’t work — 2% cash back on a 17% interest rate is a losing proposition,” he said. (The average interest rate today is almost 18%, compared with 12% a decade ago, according to

Here are other unexpected moves that can lower your score.

Paying off an old debt

It seems like you’re doing something good: An old, unpaid bill resurfaces and you make a partial payment on it.

However, sometimes these debts are already so old they’re not legally enforceable, said Katherine Lucas McKay, who focuses on consumer debt at the Aspen Institute.

Once the debt collector makes a record of your active payments, it’s legal in many states for the debt to be treated as new, Lucas McKay said.

Often the easiest thing to do, she said, is to pay off the balance completely. “Your score will start to rise again once that record is closed,” she said.

If you believe the collection agency is acting inappropriately, file a public complaint through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For the debt collectors, she said, it’s often easier to just resolve the issue “rather than have their regulator look into the situation.”….Read more>>